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CYBERSECURITY - As suppliers dry up...We ask has Huawei had its chips ?

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Some say that Chinese mobile firm are a risk to national security others say that the entire "embargo" is another move to re-balance the US/Chinese trade war. Either way the mobile company is now in serious jeopardy with Google withdrawing access to its android platform, global chip maker ARM stopping the supply of its chips and today, Japan´s Panasonic have ceased trading - all to comply with Trump´s executive order to effectively ban US corporations from dealing with Huawei without an"appropriate" license.

The "embargo" not only covers direct "associations" but also affects any corporation from supplying any equipment that uses US technology. Both Huawei and the Chinese government are confident that none of these restrictions will affect its forward domination and market capture, however, already the knock-on effect has started to penalise the 200m individuals who currently use their smartphones. Watch this space.

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