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UK "considering" joining US in Iran military strike

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Foreign Secretary and Leadership campaign hopeful, Jeremy Hunt has told sources that the UK would consider requests for support for a US led military strike on rogue nation Iran. Hunt is quoted as saying he would consider requests on a "case by case basis"

According to earlier reports and tweets from incumbent US President, Donald Trump the US was "cocked and locked" (sic) to strike deep into the heart of Iran’s infrastructure, in response to ´the rogue nations downing of an unmanned US drone.

The President allegedly called the strike off just minutes before he gave his full authorisation after senior US military officials gave a risk assessment that up to 150 individuals would be killed in such a raid. Trump cited that this fallout outweighed the loss of an unmanned military drone.

However, US military sources have said that the Pentagon carried out a "full scale" cyber attack "successfully" targeting Tehran´s command, control, missile and rocket systems - which so far, Iran has uncharacteristically been tight lipped on.

Tensions have escalated between the two countries ever since the US withdrew last year from a nuclear pact. Washington has blamed the Islamic Revolutionary Guard for attacking two tankers in the Strait of Hormuz – a key oil shipping route – this month.

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