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CLIMATE CHANGE: 'MEAT - A Threat To Our Planet' - BBC Documentary 25 November 2019 @ 2200 CET

Geopolitical News, Meat - A threat to the Planet
'Meat: A Threat To Our Planet' - BBC Documentary Tonight 25 November 2019 @ 2200 CET 

There has been a lot of talk in the Newsroom this morning about tonights [Monday, 25 November, 2019] UK BBC screening of 'Meat: A Threat To Our Planet' Presenter Liz Bonnin travels around the globe on what the broadcaster has described as an 'ambitious and sometimes dangerous mission' to discover the truth.

Bonnin visits Texan mega-farms, as well as the Amazon rainforest, where she discovers how
beef farming is a leading cause of deforestation.

The reporter also meets the scientists and entrepreneurs urgently looking for solutions. At a university in California, Liz puts her hand directly into the stomach of a cow – all in the name of reducing methane emissions" "In North Carolina she meets an entrepreneur who’s using his manure to power local homes. And in San Francisco, she becomes one of the first people in the world to try a lab-made chicken nugget – a product that might reduce the environmental damage caused by meat production.

Bonnin finishes her journey on a small farm in Wales, where she meets a family who have shifted their relationship with meat by taking the bold step to slaughter their own animals. At the end of her journey, Liz starts to assess her own attitude to meat, and question what we can all do to save our fragile planet."

Thought provoking stuff - guess we had all better tune in!

BBC ONE 2200 CET. If you don't manage to catch it, don't worry, we will post the YouTube footage tomorrow in our review and on our Video-wall. MC

About Liz Bonnin:
Elizabeth Bonnin is a French, Irish science, wildlife and natural history presenter, who has worked on television in both Ireland and the United Kingdom. She is also a biochemist and wild animal biologist.

Follow her on Twitter

By: Max Chambers - Editors Note
European Press Centre Málaga

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