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CYBERSECURITY: UK Labour Party platform Ddos attack thwarted

UK POLITICS: CyberSecurity - UK Labour Party platform Ddos attack thwarted
NewsDesk Team
City of London Newsroom

The UK Labour Party has said that it successfully defeated a full Ddos attack targeted at its digital platforms due to the party´s "robust" security systems and that "no data breach had occurred" and the National Cyber Security Centre did not need to take any action as it had been resolved "internally"

While sources have said that attacks came from computers in Russia and Brazil however our Cyber-editor believes that this was not a State actor, primarily because they would have used sophisticated protocols to hack the entire system rather than have failed at a fairly "amateurish" Ddos attack.

When contacted earlier today [Tuesday, 12 November 2019] there was nobody available at Labour Party Headquarters, to comment on the attack.

More follows./...

What is a Ddos attack.
DDoS attacks direct huge amounts of internet traffic at a target in an effort to overwhelm computer servers, causing their software to crash. They are often carried out via a network of hijacked computers and other internet-connected devices known as a botnet.

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