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GEO´ PR Channel: DJI demonstrates new protocol to track drones & pilots

TECHNOLOGY: DJI demonstrates new protocol to track drones & pilots
GEO´ PR Channel Team
Málaga Technology Centre

Drone maker DJI has demonstrated a way to quickly identify a nearby drone, and pinpoint the location of its pilot, via a smartphone app using their protocol "Wi-Fi Aware" which receives and decodes messages broadcast directly by the drone itself.

The company said it would help prevent security threats and disruption, and give members of the public peace of mind but experts believe sophisticated criminals would still be able to circumvent detection.

“It’s going to be very useful against rogue drones,” said Elrike Franke, a policy fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, who studies the impacts of the drone industry.

“But it's not going to be enough to fight people with real bad intentions, because these are going to be the first people to hack this system."

DJI says that it could add the functionality to drones already on the market via a software update. The firm explained: "Using a simple app, anyone within radio range of the drone can receive that signal and learn the location, altitude, speed and direction of the drone, as well as an identification number for the drone and the location of the pilot."

However, a spokesman said that will only happen once pending regulation regarding remote identification of drones has been agreed upon and it is also totally dependant on those who comply with proposed legislation to buiñld an official register of individual drones and their pilots name and details. He added that DJI has was yet to decide whether it will force its exisiting customers to
install the update.

This document was first released by the GEO´PR Channel Team on
Thursday, 14th November, 2019 @ 13:37 hrs CET

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