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NORTH KOREA: Reports of Kim Jung-Un´s death have been greatly exaggerated

NORTH KOREA: Reports of Kim Jung-Un´s death have been greatly exaggerated

NORTH KOREA: Reports of Kim Jung-Un´s death have been greatly exaggerated
By Iain Fraser - Consultant Geopolitical Editor
Reporting from his home in Málaga

Kim Jung-Un is"alive and well" amid reports that he had died after "botched" heart surgery required to combat his diet and obesity.

While the World´s media has been reporting that "pariah" North Korean leader, Kim Jung-Un has subsequently died (last Saturday - 25/04/2020) after alleged botched heart surgery which apparently had already left him "brain dead" - reliable, albeit unnamed sources, in the South say that the Norths leader is alive and well and has simply been on his holidays.

The rumour mill quoted that Kim has not made a public appearance since inspecting fighter jets at an air defence unit on 10 April a view that was cemented by Kim´s conspicuous no-show at the 15 April celebrations for the birthday of his grandfather Kim Il Sung, the North's founder, a key anniversary, which is widely regarded as the most important day in the country's political calendar.

Of course the conspiracy theorists have latched on to this and I have heard varying accounts including US involvement in his demise. However, Donald Trump said categorically at a White House press briefing that news reports suggesting North Korean leader Kim was 'gravely ill' were based on old documents and therefore branded the account as, wait for it, "fake".

I have spent some time looking into the various reports of Kim´s demise, as usual its never easy getting any credible information from NK but a security adviser to the South's President Moon Jae-in has said that Kim Jong-Un is "alive and well" and has simply been on holiday, a fact that is supported by recent satellite images showing a train probably belonging to Kim at a station in Wonsan at the giant Wonsan Kalma coastal tourism project.

My view is that his curious "disappearance" is nothing more than this and he will no doubt appear very shortly like a modern day deity, which of course he thinks he is. I will of course continue to monitor the situation and report back as an when I have further intel

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