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GEOPOLITICS: The Past, Present and Future of Globalisation

GEOPOLITICS: The Past, Present and Future of Globalisation
By Chan Kung - Chief Researcher Anbound Consulting, Beijing
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In today's world, there are serious disputes over the definition and thoughts of globalization at all levels. The dispute is so intense that it can reach the point of confusion. British scholar Anthony Giddens believes that globalization is merely the expansion of modernity from society to the world, because "modernity is globalizing in its essence¹". In the past few decades, anyone who did not know about globalization, or did not talk about it, almost meant that he or she is outdated and ill-informed.

The problem is that modernity is also changing, and what used to represent modernity in the past may become "outdated and ill-informed" today. With the growth of the post-war generations, a lot of theories and classics were established on the basis of the concept of globalization, making globalization a classic consciousness. However, the world is now in a new zone of development: On the one hand, we see that national policies are still based on the sustainable development of globalization. On the other hand, we can see a large number of anti-globalization phenomena and major challenges to the current path of globalization. This contradiction has sometimes turned into a violent and unrealistic struggle.

In today's world, there are too many specious explanations and too many one-sided understandings for globalization. What should we think of the future path of globalization?

How should we adapt to the great challenges of anti-globalization?


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¹Anthony Giddens, The Consequence of Modernity, Cambridge Press.

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