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Defence 2.0 Britain to reduce troop sizes to focus on technology

Defence 2.0 Britain to reduce troop sizes to focus on technology 
By Iain Fraser - Managing Editor

Defence Minister Ben Wallace has announced plans for the military brought about as part of Boris Johnson´s new foreign & defence policies. The report Global Britain in a competitive age - The Integrated Review of Security, Defence, Development and Foreign Policy

Britain is to reduce the size of the army from 76,500 to 72,500 by 2025 as part of a plan to concentrate on technology to go forward and fight the "threat of the future"

When the policy report details the UKs post-Brexit Foreign Policy and highlighted its Defence Policy Priorities all designed to ensure that the UK is “better-equipped for a more competitive world”.

The Defence Minister told Parliament that the armed forces must think and act differently, they will no longer be deployed as a force par se but become a more "present active force around the world"
Wallace said “The army’s increased deployability and technological advantage will mean that greater effect can be delivered by fewer people. I therefore have taken the decision to reduce the size of the army from today’s current strength of 76,500 trained personnel to 72,500 by 2025.”  Learn More/...

Image Credit: US Air Force


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