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Russian people reluctant to have Sputnik vaccine By GEO´

Russian people reluctant to have Sputnik vaccine GEO´
By Iain Fraser - Geopolitical Journalist

When Russian pensioners were offered the Covid vaccine Sputnik 5 only 3% of them registered for the jab.

The development of the Russian Sputnik 5 anti-Covid vaccine it had scron poured on its mainly by the west. They were incredulised that Russia could develop an effective vaccine, however the Lancet medical journal showed it to be 91.6% effective against coronavirus, up there with the world's best.

That official endorsement from the medical journal was a political triumph as well as a huge scientific one and while countries from Latin America to Europe are now ordering batches of Sputnik, the rollout in Russia itself has been slow, as people prove deeply reluctant or suspicious to be injected. 
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