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G7: Raab to lead discussions on critical global issues - We discuss ...Is he the right man for the job

G7: Raab to lead discussions on critical global issues
By Iain Fraser - Geopolitical Journalist & Analysis

The UK Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab will lead discussions today with the meeting of the #G7 foreign ministers from the US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the EU.to dicuss "critical global issues" at the meeting in London.
In what is the first major in-person diplomatic gathering since the pandemic began and the first gathering of G7 Foreign Ministers since 2019, Dominic Raab will lead discussions on pressing geopolitical issues that threaten to undermine democracy, freedoms and human rights. This includes relations with Russia, China, and Iran, as well as the crisis in Myanmar, the violence in Ethiopia, and the ongoing war in Syria.

After the talks the foreign ministers will hold a dinner discussion with guest nations Australia, India, the Republic of Korea, South Africa, and Brunei. It is believed Mr Raab will use the evening to outline his vision for cooperation between the G7 and the nations of the Indo-Pacific region to develop stronger trade ties, ensure stability and tackle climate change. GEO´

Image Credit: Dominic Raab/Twitter

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