GEOPOLITICAL NEWS: ARMENIA ELECTIONS - Civil Contract claims victory in snap poll
By GEO´ Newsteam - Gibraltar

Nikol Pashinyan, the acting prime minister of Armenia, has claimed victory for his Civil Contract party after a snap parliamentary election called in effort to quell tensions and avert a geopolitical crisis following its ill fated war with Azerbaijan over the territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Preliminary results suggested Mr Pashinyan's Civil Contract party was in the lead with 58% of the vote but the opposition alliance led by his main rival, former president Robert Kocharyan were quick to allege electoral fraud despite the confirmation from the Central Election Commission (CEC).

With 75 percent of results declared, Pashinyan’s Civil Contract party had 55.61 percent of the vote on Monday. The electoral alliance of his top rival, former President Robert Kocharyan, had 20 percent of the vote. To read our full analysis - direct to you inbox or smart device Click Here 

About Armenia
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Image Credit: Mostafa Meraji