NEWSBYTE: Ooops! Sensitive Ministry of Defence documents found at bus stop
Posted By: GEO´ Newsteam - Gibraltar

Reuters - Reports that sensitive defence documents found by a member of the public have now been confirmed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) who said in a statement that the employee who lost the documents reported it immediately and that they had started an investigation into the circumstances.

"The department takes the security of information extremely seriously and an investigation has been launched. The employee concerned reported the loss at the time. It would be inappropriate to comment further" a MoD spokesman said.

A member of the public, who apparently wants to remain anonymous, initially contacted the BBC when they found 50 pages of classified information in a soggy heap behind a bus stop in Kent early last Tuesday morning.

It is believed the papers included one set of documents that discussed the potential Russian reaction to HMS Defender’s travel through Ukrainian waters off the Crimea coast last Wednesday, while another laid out plans for a possible UK military presence in Afghanistan.