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CURRENT THREAT ASSESSMENT: British Public at risk from State Actors MI5 Director General - Analysis

British Public at risk from "State Actors" MI5 Director General - Analysis
By Iain Fraser - Geopolitical Journalist

The Director General of MI5, The Security Service, Ken McCallum gave his annual threat update yesterday (140721) broadcast from the Services headquarters at Thames House, London. 

Mr McCallum gave an overview threat assessment and highlighted the risk posed to the general public by so called "State Actors" and the continuing scourge of Terrorism. He also outlined the service´s determination to learn, adapt and strengthen the UK's Defences against hidden threats. 

He opened his address by saying "Our nation has been through an utterly extraordinary year. The pandemic has brought massive shifts in how we’re living and working – and accelerated many wider global trends. The Integrated Review published by government in March described an increasingly contested world, and the importance of growing our national resilience. Today I want to share my take on what it all means for MI5 – and what 2021’s covert threats mean for the British public.  - 

The Director General also warned against the continuing threat from Russia and China, warning the British public that they could have as severe an effect on them as Terrorism. To read our full analysis - direct to you inbox or smart device Click Here 

Image Credit: Security Service under Open Government License version 1.0

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