AFGHANISTAN LATEST: Pleas to extend evac deadline fall on deaf Taliban ears - Risk-Analysis
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The emergency convened virtual G7 summit is being hosted by the UK today to discuss the ongoing Afghan evacuation crisis. It is already known that UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson will urge the amassed leaders to increase their support for Afghan refugees, and is expected to call for an increase in aid. He will also promise “to use every humanitarian and diplomatic lever” to protect human rights in Afghanistan with thousands still encamped outside Kabul airport hoping beyond hope for an exit from the Taliban "controlled" country.

Evacuations were being conducted on a "war footing" as foreign forces try to meet a Aug. 31 deadline agreed earlier with the Taliban for the withdrawal of all foreign forces, a NATO diplomat told Reuters.

The US is being urged by allies to delay its withdrawal from Afghanistan to allow more time to evacuate people who want to flee the country. All US troops, who are currently controlling Kabul airport, are scheduled to leave by 31 August in a deadline previously agreed but the very suggestion of an extension has been dismissed out of hand by the Taliban ... Click Here for our Full Analysis direct to your mailbox or smart device.