LATEST GEOPOLITICAL NEWS: Biden and Xi speak for first time in seven months - Analysis
By Iain Fraser - Reportage Editor

US President Joe Biden and Chinese premier Xi Jinping have spoke for the first time in seven months in an effort by the White House to restore some kind of equilibrium to their relationship.

US - China relations have been fraught with overall disagreement over trade, corporate espionage and of course the pandemic.

In a statement the White House said both leaders had "discussed the responsibility of both nations to ensure competition does not veer into conflict" in what was only their second call between them since President Biden took office. "The two leaders had a broad, strategic discussion in which they discussed areas where our interests converge, and areas where our interests, values, and perspectives diverge," the White House Statement added. "This discussion, as President Biden made clear, was part of the United States' ongoing effort to responsibly manage the competition between the United States and the PRC."  Click Here for our Full Analysis direct to your mailbox or smart device.

Image Credit: U.S. Department of State - Public Domain