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MANUFACTURING: German auto space bets future on hydrogen cars - GEO´ Analysis

German auto space bets future on hydrogen cars - GEO´ Analysis
By Iain Fraser - GEO´ Reportage Editor - Gibraltar

The German auto space is betting it´s future on hydrogen cars according to Reuters. While Battery is currently the flavour of the month, industry analysts are suggesting that the potential of hydrogen is vast and is that hydrogen fuel the clear way forward for clean auto energy. 

This is a view shared by key German automakers including BMW (BMWG.DE) and Audi (VOWG_p.DE) who are both developing hydrogen fuel-cell passenger vehicle prototypes alongside their battery powered production lines as part of their regime to abandon mainstream fuels as they hedge their bets and try and second guess arch competitor Tesla. VW's premium Audi brand told Reuters it had assembled a team of more than 100 mechanics and engineers who were researching hydrogen fuel cells on behalf of the whole Volkswagen group, and had built a few prototype cars.

Munich-based premium auto giants BMW is currently hydrogen's biggest proponent among Germany's car-makers according to Reuters, has developed a hydrogen prototype car based on its X5 SUV, in a project already partly funded by the German government. The company also has one eye on shifting hydrogen policies in Europe and in China, the world's largest car market charting a path to a mass-market model around 2030 ... Click Here to have our Full Analysis sent direct to your mailbox or smart device.

Image Credit: BMW Group

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