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UK: Government makes changes to the Online Safety Bill to tackle scams and fraud

UK: Government makes changes to the Online Safety Bill to tackle scams and fraud
By Iain Fraser - Cybersecurity Journalist
Syndicated via Iain Fraser - Cybersecurity PR Wire

Search Engines and Social media platforms will be forced to stamp out fraudsters and scammers on their platforms as the government announces sweeping changes as it strengthens its pioneering internet safety laws.

The move comes as the government also launches a consultation as part of a wider overhaul of how online advertising is regulated in the UK, including proposals to improve transparency and accountability and tackle harmful, fraudulent and misleading adverts.

Collectively these new measures aim to satisfy the public´s trust and confidence in being online by making sure the UK’s rules and regulations keep pace with rapid advances in technology and will be added to the Online Safety Bill requiring social media platforms and search engines to prevent paid-for fraudulent adverts appearing on their services.

Separately, the government is launching a consultation on proposals to tighten the rules for the online advertising industry. This would bring more of the major players involved under regulation and create a more transparent, accountable and safer ad market. Learn More/... 

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