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ORF: The Geopolitical Imperative for Reorganising Global Supply Chains

ORF: The Geopolitical Imperative for Reorganising Global Supply Chains
Press Release Syndicated By GEO´ PR Wire - Gibraltar

ORF: The Geopolitical Imperative for Reorganising Global Supply Chains

Global supply chains are being restructured to achieve distinct geopolitical goals, given the strategic vulnerability of such networks due to being controlled by a few nations. Countries that are prominent sourcing hubs for some supply chains could potentially ‘weaponize’ their economic influence for larger geopolitical gains. 

This brief argues that although multiple global efforts have been initiated to address such threats, efforts to restructure supply chains must be accompanied by financial incentives to minimise the costs associated with such a reorientation. Learn More/...

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The Beginning
ORF began its journey in 1990 at the juncture of ideation tempered by pragmatism. During the period of India’s transition to a new engagement with the international economic order, several challenges emerged, evoking a need for an independent forum that could critically examine the problems facing the country and help develop coherent policy responses. ORF was thus formed, and brought together, for the first time, leading Indian economists and policymakers to present the agenda for India’s economic reforms. Learn More/...

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