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TORCHLIGHT: Advanced data analytics & intelligence will predict Risk

TORCHLIGHT: Advanced data analytics & intelligence will predict Risk
Press Release Syndicated by GEO´ PRWire - Gibraltar

Torchlight launches innovative behavioural intelligence platform for predicting risk

Advanced data analytics and intelligence expertise identifying security threats early – providing unprecedented insight to help lower risk for government and corporate clients.

Responding to an increasingly complex global risk environment, Torchlight is the product of the merger of U.S.-based Crowdpulse and U.K.-based Assynt Group, and combines world-class behavioural analytics, big data management and machine learning capabilities with global risk intelligence expertise. Torchlight provides its clients with unprecedented, data-driven insights and predictive capabilities to identify and manage digital, physical and metaphysical risks.

The fast-growing company was founded by decorated special operations and intelligence veterans, combined with Fortune 100 data scientists and leading geopolitical analysts, to create a suite of advanced risk prediction capabilities. The company is well capitalized by its institutional investors and currently serves government and S&P 500 customers as clients.

“We founded Torchlight with the goal of creating the tools that we wanted to have when we were in government and military service,” says Jim Bourie, CEO of Torchlight and a former US Army Special Forces Commander. “The majority of risk leaders cannot keep up with the rate at which new risks are emerging. Legacy risk intelligence is reactive and often based on unreliable inputs such as social media chatter. Torchlight helps improve security intelligence with predictive, objective insights, while lowering costs.”

Torchlight uses the latest in behavioural analytics to attribute threats and assesses the risks to clients in near-real time. The platform analyses exclusively curated data and provides user-friendly tools to help risk leaders quickly out-manoeuvre threats.

Scott Schulman, an experienced leader of B2B information businesses, is serving as Torchlight’s Executive Chairman. Schulman led businesses including UBM Americas and the Dow Jones Risk & Compliance portfolio and is a former partner at Booz Allen Hamilton. “We are seeing tremendous market need for Torchlight’s data and capabilities. Areas such as global security risk, financial crime, and cyber threats require advanced analytical tools and intelligence expertise, and that’s what we’ve put together with Torchlight.” Learn More/... 

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