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AI: The Power of Maritime AI™

AI: The Power of Maritime AI™
Posted By GEO´ PRWire Channel

Windward announces a New Standard of Accuracy & Visibility with Maritime AI™ Predicted ETA. 

Two years into the global supply chain disruption, the reliability of ocean freight is still far from what it was pre-pandemic. Less than 40% of shipments are arriving as scheduled in carriers' sailing schedules! This all-time high of shipment delays is impacting the global supply chain across all modes of transportation.

One platform delivering actionable predictive intelligence for your risk management and maritime domain awareness needs

This week, Windward announced the release of Maritime AI™ Predicted ETA and real-time insights, which predicts shipments and vessels’ ETAs more accurately than carriers up to 30 days out. The ground-breaking AI technology outperforms the carriers’ arrival estimations for two out of three containers traded across the globe and cuts down by half the number of ETAs assessments that are off by 5+ days, providing organizations with full visibility and predictability. Learn More/...

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About Windward

Windward- Empowering organizations with Maritime AI™
Windward (LON:WNWD) is the leading maritime AI company, providing an all-in-one platform for risk management and maritime domain awareness needs.

Our platform pushes the boundaries of comprehensive data and ground-breaking technology to solve the toughest maritime challenges. By leveraging unmatched maritime domain expertise, augmented by best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning, we empower our partners to predict what’s over the horizon, eliminate uncertainty, and build organizations. Learn More/... 

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