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GEO ´ Events Diary April 2020

CARE: challenges and solutions for a sustainable future 
Sheffield 1-2 April 2020

Around the world, arrangements for the care of people who need help to manage daily life are evolving. Care is needed ‘at home’ and ‘across continents’; it must meet the needs of individuals and of families and communities; it must be possible alongside paid work and connect with health services. It can occur at any life stage, is of incalculable value, yet comes at no small cost; its consequences for families and social relations truly matter.

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Advanced Bank Risk Analysis
April 20 - 22, Frankfurt, Germany

Advanced Bank Risk Analysis seminar is a course that provides you with a structured framework for the comprehensive analysis of bank risk profiles in both developed and emerging markets. It builds on the Fundamentals of Bank Credit Risk Analysis, although that course is not a prerequisite.After examining credit, market, liquidity, and management risks, real bank failures are investigated to uncover insights. 

11th Israel Transportation Security Solutions Delegation
April 20-26, Israel

Your opportunity for a behind-the-scenes look at:

Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport
Eilat’s Ramon International Airport
Taba/Arava Border Crossing
Israel/Palestinian Territories Security Fence