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GEO´ Events Diary March 2020

March 12-13 Manila Philippines

Asia Liberty Forum brings together friends of the freedom movement across Asia to discuss challenges facing the region and to learn from one another how to most effectively advance free-market reforms. You will learn from distinguished speakers and participate in interactive sessions to strengthen civil society efforts to move public policy in the direction of greater freedom.

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March 16–20 Heidelberg, Germany

The conference consists of 2 day training & a 2 day conference where IT and security experts from all over the world gather to discuss current topics relating to IoT, IPv6 security, and general IT security. The focus of TROOPERS is that their interest lies not only in product marketing and meeting vendors but in tackling the industry’s burning security questions, and to network with some of the best cybersecurity experts in Europe.

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March 17-18, London

As part of a series of global expos, this conference dives into AI and big data. Topics include deep learning, business intelligence, and data science with speakers from top companies in the consumer and enterprise sectors like H&M, Down Jones, and GSK, among others. The conference is ideal for startups and industry leaders in the consumer space who want to pick up new data strategies.

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March 24 Springfield, VA

Attendees will gain a greater understanding of the IC’s collective vision for the use of partnerships and innovation. This one-of-a-kind engagement is designed to help the public and private sectors better understand, strengthen, and expand their relationship at every level. Government and private sector intelligence representatives will assert that much of the IC’s current work in building strong partnerships and adopting innovative best practices is an ongoing  


March 25-26, 2020, Montreal, Canada

A global initiative, World Summit produces two major conferences per year, one in Europe and one in the Americas. The World Summit AI Americas prides itself on bringing together the top influencers and experts from around the world to discuss developments, innovative solutions, and exclusive topics on all things AI.

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