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GEO´ Events Diary May 2020

THINK 2020 
May 4-7, San Francisco

IBM has established themselves as a go-to resource for informative conferences. In 2018 they merged all of their conferences to form one major event called Think. The annual conference is dedicated to the technology industry in its entirety, although there are plenty of sessions that explore AI.

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May 13-14, Berlin

Addressing AI’s growing popularity, Rise of AI focuses on current and future AI technologies. The conference offers an opportunity to connect with top tech investors, emerging AI startups, and industry experts. In addition to the more than 80 speakers across six tracks that will be featured, the conference will hold a two-day exhibition for more than 50 AI companies to present their work.

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International Conference “Eurasia in Transition: Geopolitics, Connections and Challenges”
May 13–15, University of Zurich,

In a region as vast as Eurasia, geographical factors play a crucial role for politics and international relations. This is especially true for the landlocked post-​Soviet states of the Central Asia and Caspian regions, which face significant obstacles to participation in the global economy. Analyzing the interests & motives of the key actors, & understanding the various interactions taking place between regional & outside actors, is a key aim of this conference.