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We developed our exclusive Partner Network during 2017, in response to a tactical user survey resulting in the creation 10 individual purchasing disciplines that our users either regularly had purchasing influence over or were eager to learn more about. Now in its third successful year, we utilise advanced CPVx protocols & algorithms to literally drive search traffic from Google to each individual market sector. Additionally, our web traffic has a CTR to our Channel Network of a substantial 34%.


We were determined not to turn our Partner Network into a "Glitterati" of the worlds biggest individual sector manufacturers.  Using our research team to source market leaders in terms of their technology or service we have compiled [and continually update] a network of the organisations that we feel "best fit" our userbase. Our criteria for inclusion follows a strict 10 point Due Diligence process including both online and offline factors to determine their overall Web Reputation and suitability.

Our Commitment on Climate Change
Argus News Group is committed to Empowering the Planet and taking urgent action to protect our environment. We are working towards a completely carbon neutral organisation by the end of 2021. We are also supporting Friends of the Earth to help solve the climate crisis We’re supporting Friends of the Earth to help solve the climate crisis - please give generously to Friends of the Earth here