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GEO´ PR Wire Channel 2022

Our PR Channel Management Team provide direct, immediate, highly cost-effective access to our entire Geopolitical contacts network including our proprietary Clientbase of 132,000+ individually named and profiled Clevel industry influencers & decision makers across the Banking & Finance, Insurance, Aviation & Maritime industries as well as Trade Associations, NGO's and Government Departments Worldwide. In addition all releases are syndicated throughout our entire Web 2.0 Network and media base of subscribing Geo-centric Editors, Journalists, Influencers & Specialist Bloggers.

  •     Google Page 1 top 3 for subject matter within 24 hours - Guaranteed!
  •     Named & Profiled Distribution
  •     Up to 800 Words per Release
  •     User Friendly Interface
  •     Entire GEO´ Userbase
  •     GEO´ Media Network
  •     GEO´ Web 2.0 Network
  •     GEO´ Social Media Network
  •     Detailed Metrics Report   
  •     Secure Check Out

User Submission €99.00* fully inclusive

1. Pay for your Press Release Syndication securely via PayPal above
2. You will be directed to the Post area to upload your Press Release 
3. Your Press Release will be sent for Syndication immediately upon Receipt
Questions? For more information please Click Here to contact our PR Channel Team