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GEO´ - PR Wire/GEOPoliticalMatters.com

Our PR Wire Channel Management Team provide direct, immediate, highly cost-effective access to our entire Geopolitical contacts network including our proprietary userbase of 132k individually named, profiled & GDPR compliant CSuite influencers and policy makers, across the Banking & Finance, Insurance, Manufacturing, Technology, Aviation and Maritime industries as well as NGOs and Government Departments Worldwide. A recent userbase survey revealed that they have a collective annual spending power in excess of €870 million.

We deliver just over 148k Geopolitical news emails every day across our entire Userbase as well as  our media base of 28k subscribing Geo-centric Editors, Journalists, Influencers & Bloggers. We further post extensively via our Web 2.0 Network affording us a further reach of 36k subscribers across all the Leading Article, Knowledge & Bookmarking Sites Globally.

Our PRWire is available to bona-fide corporations who have a corporate message to share. Release syndication's are available for single use, or for those organisations who produce a lot of news & information they need to disseminate, we offer Quarterly, bi-Annual & Annual Campaigns offering unlimited use of our Network at the same time delivering outstanding ROI.

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Our Guarantee

  •     Google Page 1 for subject matter within 24 hours - Guaranteed!
  •     Named & Profiled Distribution
  •     Up to 800 Words per Release
  •     User Friendly Interface
  •     Entire GEO´ Userbase - 132,000+
  •     GEO´ Media Network - 28,000
  •     GEO´ Web 2.0 Network - 36,000
  •     GEO´ Social Media Network - 11,000
  •     Detailed Metrics Report   
  •     Secure Check Out via PayPal
  •     Outstanding ROI

User Submission - Single Release €99.00* fully inclusive

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Argus News Network is committed to Empowering the Planet and taking urgent action to  protect our environment. In addition to our 100% Carbon Neutral Data Centre, we are working towards being a completely carbon neutral organisation by the end of 2022.