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Ultinous - Actionable Video Analytics

Actionable Video Analytics

Ultinous is an AI-based technology company using deep learning to provide advanced actionable video analytics. Ultinous offers advanced customer insights for brick and mortar Retailers, that learns shopper patterns, measures and shortens queues through its Queue Prediction and Alert Tool. Ultinous’s technology can filter and process data, trace moving people, detect abnormalities, and generate predictive alarms so that security teams can take appropriate action preventing unwanted incidents. Utilise the potential of the latest AI technologies in your products using our easy to integrate API to create a thus far unprecedented user experience for your customers.

• Queue Prediction with Alerting
• Customer intelligence
• Staff scheduling
• Visualisation and reporting
• Privacy and data protection
• Queue Management with Predective Alerting
• Access Control System
• Online Facecheck – Liveness test

Expertise: CCTV Monitoring | Access Control Systems | Biometrics | Face Detection | Video Surveillance

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Tel: +3670 214 1081