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UK Election 2019: Tories threaten Channel 4 as Johnson snubs debate
SYRIA: US turns back on Kurdish "allies" in dramatic u-turn
ENERGY: Ramp up nuclear power to beat climate change, says UN nuclear chief
REGIME: China celebrates 70 years of Communist Rule with awesome military parade
UK: Supreme court rules that "Proroguing" was illegal
CLIMATE CHANGE: Thunberg tells UN 'If you choose to fail us we will never forgive you'
GULF CRISIS: Rouhani warns all foreign forces to stay away from the gulf
ENERGY: Oil prices settle after extraordinarily turbulent week
ENERGY: Business as usual as Saudi's press ahead with Aramco IPO
TECHNOLOGY: Zhengfei willing to sanitise Huawei´s 5G Technology
US-CHINA TRADE: Diplomacy eases fears of global recession.
DEFENCE: China threatens UK with military action if flagship enters South China Sea
UK: Parliament braces itself for biggest showdown in history
TRADE: UK and South Korea to sign continuity agreement
 KASHMIR: Pakistan to take crisis to International Court of Justice.
TANKER CRISIS: Iranian oil tanker leaves Gibraltar despite US warrant
CURRENCIES: Bitcoin is currently best Geopolitical & Economic risk indicator
ECONOMY: Global recession fears cause markets downturn
TRADE: US delays import tariffs on China
BOLTON: Post Brexit UK will be "first in line" for US trade deals